A collection of wilderness survival, primitive skills and bushcraft content. Most info about wilderness survival is copied from military survival manuals and old camp craft books. This site is different.

SurvivalSkills.Guide strives to be a modern guide for anyone interested in living in the wilderness and wanting to obtain most of their food or a portion through a combination of hunting, gathering, trapping, fishing, and primitive agriculture.

My name is Juan Pablo Quiñonez. I lived 6 months in the wilderness with my partner in 2016, complementing our rations with food that we could harvest off the forest. It was one of the most influential experiences of my life.

I’ve been continuously learning about the outdoors ever since I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (2650 miles in 99 days) in 2012 and studied Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership. I have canoed over a thousand miles including the Hayes and Bloodvein rivers; and I am fascinated by hunting-gatherer societies, primitive technology and friction fires ( I can carve a bow drill set and start a friction fire using a cord and knife anywhere). I’ve also participated and was an assistant instructor for various winter wilderness survival courses.

I am creating a guide of what it takes to design a long term wilderness survival strategy for an extended adventure. I’m interested in researching, sharing, and regaining the skills and way of life of our common ancestors. This is basically the guide I will use the next time I go out to the wilderness to live off the wild; I intend to share the lessons learned from my outdoor experiences and specifically from my 180 days in the wild.

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Email: juanpablo@survivalskills.guide

LinkedIn: Juan Pablo Quiñonez

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