11 Survival Gifts that Don’t Suck

I don’t want to encourage Christmas’ consumerism with this list of survival gifts.

But If you’re buying a gift for someone into prepping or survival, why not buy something that would be truly useful? Something that won’t end up in the landfill in a few months or years.


Gift ideas for preppers and survival enthusiasts.


Survival Gifts Under $25


Water Filter

Most people would think the LifeStraw water filter would make a good gift. Honestly, it’s a piece of garbage. It’s one of those neat, smart inventions (in theory) that is not useful in practice.

Instead give a Sawyer Mini. It’s way more practical, and can be used even with a hydration bladder.

Anyone into camping will love it, it’s also a great addition to a bug out bag.

They cost and weigh about the same, but only the Sawyer filter will be used more than twice.

survival prepper gift water filter


Survival Knife

I like the Morakniv because it is compact, affordable, and very handy. It’s great for backpackers, anglers, and hunters.

Unless your loved one is only into big knives, he or she will appreciate this gift.

survival knife

Ferro Rod

Ferro rods are the most durable fire starter out there.

They are great for practising starting a fire in a more challenging way.

survival gift ferro rod

USB Rechargeable AA Batteries

These USB rechargeable batteries are awesome, they are made of lithium so they last longer. Plus they don’t need a special charger, just plug them directly to any USB charger. Perfect for flashlights, GPS etc. It’s more of a prepper gift, but anyone that uses AA batteries will love these.

prepper gift aa rechargeable batteries



Survival Gifts Under $30



Flashlights are the most popular lights, but headlamps are way better for most uses. I recommend the ThruNite TH20.

It’s waterproof, has a dim light option and uses only one AA battery, to keep it simple.

best headlamp for survival and prepping


Survival Gifts Under $60


I have the shorter version of this 15.7in Schrade axe, and I love it. This axe is more versatile because of its length, and I like that it comes with a ferro rod that fits inside the handle. These axes are tough.

survival gift schrade axe Multi-tool

The Leatherman Sidekick is affordable and well built. Forget Swiss Army Knives, Leatherman multi-tools are the best.

survival gift multi tool



First Aid Kit

You might not think a first aid kit would be a good gift, but it’s a great way to help that loved one be more prepared. The Adventure Medical kits are very good quality.

prepper and survival gifts first aid kit

Battery Pack

This Outdoor Tech battery pack is not only cool, it’s practical. It’s waterproof and can be used as a flash light or lamp. Great for emergencies or extended camping trips.

survival prepper gift power bank


Survival Gifts Under $80

Solar Charger

There are many solar chargers out there. But most are trash.

Having bought various solar chargers and experienced many failures and disappointments, I only trust stand-alone solar panels that directly charge battery packs or devices, without storing any energy.

I own a Suntactics S5 and I think it’s the best option out there, but the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus is another panel I would recommend and it’s a bit more affordable.

Solar chargers are not only great for recharging their electronics while camping, but they can also recharge cellphones during an emergency.

survival gift solar charger

Silky BigBoy Saw

I recently bought the Silky Bigboy Saw after much deliberation. It is one of the best portable saws and it would make a great gift for anyone into winter camping or canoeing.

survival gift silky bigboy


Hopefully this list will give you some gifts ideas that your dear one will actually like and use.

11 Survival Gifts that Don’t Suck
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