How Long Could You Survive if Civilization Collapsed? [Survival Quiz]

survival quiz

Survival Quiz: Almost all your food supplies are gone and you're forced to escape into the wild...

You haven’t eaten in days... How do you find food?
Foraging in the forest, you find an abandoned weapons cache... Which gun do you grab?
You’ve been saving a 10 lb bag of rice for a few days, and you decide it's time to open it...
How often do you go camping?
You find lots of purple berries near the trail...
Do you have enough survival and camping gear?
You've lost your only knife... How do you react?
How much survival training have you completed?
Your only fire starter fell into the fire and melted away… What do you do?
Your pack was raided at night and only three items are left. Which ones do you wish remained?
You spot a group of 20 people; they are good and capable…
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How Long Could You Survive if Civilization Collapsed?
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