Long Term Wilderness Survival Consulting

long term survival consulting

I offer consulting services for individuals or groups wanting to prepare for a long term wilderness survival scenario. Be it a survival challenge or contest, survival expedition, or for prepping.

I’m not another armchair survival “expert”. I have a university degree in outdoor leadership and have a passion for adventure and long term wilderness survival. You can read more about me here.

Not only I’ve researched, educated myself, and trained in survival, but I’ve also embarked on my own 6 month survival expedition. My hope in the near future is to buy a remote piece of land and transition into subsistence living.


I can offer specific advice on clothing and equipment selection, choosing ideal locations (extremely important), route planning, risk management, rations, training, long term bug out bags etc.


Get experience-backed advice that is tailored for you — your goals, your preferences, your experience level, and your budget. I offer a personalized consulting service, conducted through email, shared files, and phone/video.


What’s on Offer?

Select the right clothing & equipment for long term wilderness survival;

Create a survival strategy tailored to your bioregion and remoteness,

Environment-specific gear suggestions.

Logistical advice (e.g. self-propelled transport, trailhead transport, resupply options, emergency plans, maps etc.)

Hunting-gathering considerations for the area in which you are interested.

Regional-specific safety tips.

My specialty is the boreal forest, but I can offer advice that is transferable to other bioregions


If you live within a reasonable driving distance of Manitoba, Canada, or are travelling through, I am available for in-person meetups as well. These are ideal for:

Showcasing gear, so that you can try (or at least inspect) before you buy; and,

Learning general and gear-specific skills, like basic navigation, axe skills, canoe skills, friction fire, bushcraft skills, survival skills and local wild edibles.

To discuss your needs, contact me.



My goal is to provide you with accurate and relevant advice. Depending on your preferences, we can communicate and share information via:



Phone or video chat

Google Drive


Pre-Consultation Email

Before our consultation I suggest sending me a brief email addressing the following points:

A few sentences describing your survival experience.

A ballpark figure of your budget.

How much time do you have available?

What are your goals/needs?



Consultations can either be via email, video/phone (Skype) conversation or a combination of the two. Prices include pre-consultation time spent by me preparing relevant information:

I charge $40 USD per hour.


Time estimates for common projects:

Provide feedback on a completed gear list: 1 hour

Create a gear list template and collaborate on its completion: 2 hours

Create a complete gear list: 3 hours


Payment instructions

Please contact me so that I can better understand your needs and give you an estimated cost.

To make a payment:

Send payment via PayPal

Unused amounts will be fully refunded.


Before Inquiring……..

Check out my articles. Chances are you might find what you’re looking for.

If that doesn’t do the trick and/or you are looking for more personal attention, contact me at juanpablo@survivalskills.guide and we can set up a time.

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