Titanium Wood Stoves for Hot Tents: a Game Changer

Titanium wood stove for hot tent

I’m sharing various portable titanium wood stoves for hot tents that I’ve found.

I’m in the process of making my own lightweight hot tent, and I needed a light, compact wood stove to go with it.


Titanium wood stoves are very very expensive, but wood stoves are a game changer in winter. And the fact that these are so portable makes them an excellent option for winter camping.


There are many drawbacks with titanium stoves though, mainly that they are small and can’t accommodate much firewood inside, and that the walls of the stove are not very thick. This means that it won’t retain heat very well and needs to be refuelled often.

I’m interested in stoves for long term use as part of a canoe/sled long term survival kit, and not only for use during weekends (something that can be useful if I spend a year in the wild).

Placing rocks under and around my stove would increase its thermal mass and retain heat better if I were to use it at a long term basecamp. I wouldn’t run the stove for too long (gathering and processing firewood uses up precious calories); it would be used only for cooking or when I really need it for warmth and drying gear.

A great advantage of cooking in a titanium wood stove vs. cooking in a campfire is that it’s a way more efficient use of firewood, and there’s no smoke to deal with.


All the stoves in this post break down into a small size


There are two main types of titanium stoves: box and cylinder stoves.


Box stoves are easier to cook with, so they are a little more practical, but cylinder stoves are lighter and more compact.

A neat thing about small wood stoves is that a stove jack kit can be retrofitted to many floor-less tents (the tent must be fire resistant).


Titanium Wood Stoves for Hot Tenting

Ruta Locura

titanium wood stove ruta locura

Source: Ruta Locura

I really like the minimalist style of this titanium stove by Ruta Locura, but the small door limits the size of logs that fit in the stove. Wider firewood lasts longer… So that really limits how long a load of wood would last. It does feature good snow float legs though.

Weight: 2.8 lbs (1.3kg) w/o pipe
Size: 10″x10″x16″
Cost w/ 5 ft pipe: ~ $400

Titanium Goat WIFI (Large)

titanium wood stove wifi

Source: Titanium Goat

The WIFI stove is very light, but the small door doesn’t seem sturdy or tight fitting. Scooping ashes out of the tall stove would be difficult.

Weight: 1.87 lbs (0.85 kg) w/o pipe
Size: 8″x10″x15″
Cost w/ 5 ft pipe: ~ $375

Titanium Goat Cylinder

Titanium wood stove ti goat

Source: Titanium Goat

This titanium cylinder stove is super light and minimalist. Although the door doesn’t seal tightly, shortening the potential the burn time.

Weight: 1.6 lbs (0.7 kg) w/o pipe
Size: 7.5″ X 20″ (~928 CI)
Cost w/ 5 ft pipe: ~ $255

Seek Outside XL

titanium wood stove

Source: Seek Outside

The Seek Outside XL stove has a very simple but functional and reliable design. This is the best stove in my opinion because it features a large door and more volume than most other titanium stoves.

Weight: 3.12 lbs (1.4 kg) w/o pipe
Size: 10.25″x10.25″x14″ (1440 CI)
Cost w/ 5 ft pipe: ~ $470

LiteOutdoors XL Titanium Stove

titanium wood stove

Source: LiteOutdoors

The XL LiteOutdoors stove is similar to other cylinder stoves, but has a better, larger door and more capacity. It also has an optional baffle that increases efficiency and reduces creosote build up.

Weight: ~ 2.24 lbs (1kg) w/o pipe
Size: 10.5″x18″ (1560 CI)
Cost w/ 5 ft pipe: ~ $295


Smith Cylinder Stove (18″)

titanum tent stove kifaru

Source: Kifaru

The Smith Cylinder Stove is one of the lightest stoves out there. A big complain I have is that it would be a pain to cook or heat water on this stove.

Weight: 1 lb (0.45 kg) w/o pipe
Size: 24″x18″ (800 CI)
Cost w/ 7 ft pipe: ~ $284.00

Fastfold Titanium

titanium wood stove hot tent

Source: Winnerwell

The Fastfold Titanium has a sturdier look, that reminds me of stainless steel stoves. Something nice about it’s design is that it has less parts to lose and its assembly is easy and quick. The front and back of the stove fold as well as the legs, only the sides and top are separated. The door is large for its size, but overall the stove is not big.

Weight: 3 lbs(1.3 kg) w/o pipe
Size: 15” x 9” x 7” (900 CI)
Cost w/ 9 ft pipe: click here to check


Wild Wild West Stove

titanium portable stove

Source: Luxe Hiking Gear

The 3W stove‘s glass door sets this stove apart from the other ones; it is so nice to be able to watch the fire inside, and could provide some extra light at night. Another neat feature is the easily removable spark arrestor and damper for easy cleaning. The top is also reinforced to reduce warping.

Weight: 2.2 lbs w/o pipe (0.99 kg)
Size: 13.5″x 7.8″x 6.6″ (695 CI)
Cost w/ 7.5 ft pipe: $419


Handmade Titanium stove

titanium wood stove

This handmade titanium stove made in Russia is not as light as the others; it has a baffle and snow float legs that should seem more effective than the other designs.

Weight: 4.8 lbs (2.2 kg)
Size: 15″x9.8″x9.8″
Cost w/ 5 ft pipe: ~ $349


Titanium Wood Stoves Wrap-up


Titanium stoves are very expensive and they are not very practical. They have to be restocked often and don’t retain heat.

However, they are a game changer in terms of portability; paired with an ultralight hot tent, they open up new possibilities.


Main post photo by Joseph
Titanium Wood Stoves for Hot Tents: a Game Changer
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6 Comments on "Titanium Wood Stoves for Hot Tents: a Game Changer"

  1. Titanium Portable Folding Lightweight Wood Stove with kitchen for Ski Expeditions
    This stove created to stay in mountains at high altitude.

  2. Michael Ferri | October 30, 2019 at 15:13 |

    Nice post!

    I just got the seekoutside stove, and while the size is great (I got the SXL) I’m super worried about cutting my hands open during assembly, especially if I have cold hands in the field during the winter. The seekoutside really has a lot of external corners and internal parts that I could foresee myself forgetting about and easily slashing myself on.

    I’m thinking about one of the foldable stoves; the winnerwell seems high quality but it is also very small. I was wondering if you had experience with the Russian folding stove! It might be the best option for me…

  3. Review on YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/j5fwlCZRoWc
    Titanium collapsible backpacking wood stove. This is great design for a lightweight portable wood burning stove. Made and designed in Russia, sold by eBay. Extremely ingenious design.

  4. Marina Khramtsova | January 27, 2020 at 23:33 |

    Russian Collapsible Wood Stove 1st Burn (in English)

  5. Aliexpress sells Titanium Tent Stoves with the glazed door which are identical to many being offered under different names!

    This is where these stoves are sourced (the manufacturer will put on whatever name you want with a minimum order of 10).

    The reviews for this stove were very good

    For small stoves, burning smokeless charcoal briquettes gives good heat output/burn time and they’re light to carry, cheap and available everywhere.

    The original Seek-Outside Cub Titanium Stove was great till I saw that they’d dispensed with the solid sides and ends and used thin foil instead!

    Ed Tyanich on Backpacking Light.com used a 7×5 inch stainless steel Planetary Designs AirScape Cannister to make a compact/lightweight tent stove that was really neat!

    There’s lots of stainless steel food cannisters of different shapes and sized which make for a good stove body and Lite Outdoors sells all the titanium stove pipes, dampers, stove jacks and pipe rings necessary to MYOG, very good prices too.

  6. Who makes the largest titanium tent stove?

    The largest one that I have found is the Seek Big Mama. Does anyone make one that is bigger?

    My current stove is a fold up kni-co alaskan which is 12”H x 12”w x 24”L. The tent that I use is a Cabelas Alaknak 13’ x 27’.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

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